The Brennan Torpedo

VF3:The Brennan Torpedo
by Alec Beanse : Published March 2012
The Brennan Torpedo was an ingenious wire-guided and powered torpedo, invented and developed by Louis Brennan in the late 1880s and 1890s. It was adopted for use in the defences of the UK and at two stations abroad, Hong Kong and Malta, for a short period to 1906. During its brief operational life it was operated by the Royal Engineers. Some of the great Victorian coast defence forts were modified to receive Brennan Torpedo stations whilst other stations were built from new. The existence of this amazing piece of defence engineering has, up to now, been little known. The method of its operation, the nature of of the mechanism by which it worked and the story of this torpedo’s development has been painstakingly researched over many years by the author, who now explains how it worked and how it was incorporated into the Victorian defences.
A4 format with colour and black/white photographs, 64 pages with many diagrams and plans.
EAN 978-0-9548453-6-0