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Victorian Forts                                             Bristol Channel                  5

                                        Nell’s Point Battery

          Commenced            13 July 1899                         Armament
          Completed            25 September 1900
          Cost                  £ £7,143 15s 10d                    1900-1908
          Map Reference         122663                                   2 x 4.7-inch QF
          Position             On Barry Island                      1908-1956
                                                                         2 x 6-inch Mark VII

          Type                 Coast Battery                        1940-1945
          Ditch                None                                      1 x 4-inch (N) (extra gun)
          Guns                 2
          Barrack Accom. None
          Present use          Under Butlins Holiday Camp

          History              Defence of Barry Docks

          Condition            Now demolished
          Access               Nothing remains

          Sources              various

          History and Description

           The land for the battery was purchased from Lord Windsor in December 1897 after proposals
           were made to protect Barry Docks; originally six inch guns were to be mounted but in the event 4. 7
           inch QF guns were mounted after the Battery was built. The Owen Report recommended that six
           inch guns should replace the 4.7-inch QF, this was done in 1908.
           In the First World War an extra gun position was constructed for a gun to cover the entrance to
           the docks however no gun was forthcoming, instead a 13pdr was positioned between the two six inch
           guns and acted as the examination gun to conserve ammunition. Also during that War two DEL
           emplacements were built in front of the battery, and various buildings were adapted to house the
           engine room and EL directing station.
           In March 1940 a four inch naval gun was mounted in the vacant six inch emplacement
           manned by Royal Naval personnel; in May 1940 gun houses were built at each of the three
           emplacements, because these obscured the view from the BOP this was moved to the PWSS which in
           turn was placed above the former one. There was a proposal to mount three 5.25-inch CAIAA guns at
           the Battery which would have enabled it to cover the whole width of the Bristol Channel.
           The Battery remained in existence until 1956 Four years later the site was sold and became
           part of a holiday camp which has recently in its turn, been demolished. The only part of the Battery
           that survives are the remains of the two DEL positions.
           The Battery had the usual layout, magazine and stores below the two gun positions. The
           additional position had its own magazine and stores. There were no barrack buildings only a
           caretaker’s house which became the battery office in war-time.

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