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Victorian Forts                                                                  Dover 3

                         Admiralty Pier Fort (Dover Turret)

          Commenced            September 1871 or January 1872       Armament
          Completed            Handed over to R. A. April 1886
          Cost                  £ Not known                         1887
          Map Reference        TR 324399                            2 x 16-inch, 80-ton R.M.L.s
          Position             (Then) end of Admiralty Pier,
          Type                 Sea
          Guns                 2
          Barrack Accom. Guard room only (7 men)
          Present use          Houses Dover Harbour Board
                               emergency generator
          History              Admiralty Pier Fort / Pier Turret
          Disposal             Dover Harbour Board late 1950s
          Condition            Largely derelict
          Access               By arrangement with D.H.B. Difficult.

          Sources              Burridge, ‘The Dover Turret:
                               Admiralty Pier Fort’

          History and Description

           The Admiralty Pier Fort was built to guard against an invasion using the newly-constructed
           Admiralty Pier to disembark troops. The 16-inch R.M.L. was originally designed for H.M.S.
           Inflexible but it was decided in 1877 to emplace two at the Admiralty Pier Fort and the first gun was
           landed at Dover in December 1881. Both guns were finally mounted by May 1882. In late 1885/early
           1886 the fort was enlarged and given a new shell store. By 1899 it seems to have been regarded as
           obsolete and was officially declared to be so in 1902.

           In 1909/1910 Pier Turret Battery, mounting 2 x 6-inch Mk 7 B.L.s was built on top of the fort and
           the battery was operational through both World Wars, the guns being removed in 1947.

           The fort passed into the ownership of the Dover Harbour Board in the late 1950s and, apart from the
           shell store, in which a large emergency generator is housed, is derelict. It is hoped that the fort and its
           two 16-inch R.M.L.s (still en situ) may yet be saved.

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