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Victorian Forts                              FortLog                             Dover 4

                                 Shoulder of Mutton Battery

          Commenced            1871                                 Armament
          Completed            1874:  Additions in 1882
          Cost                  £ 4,006                             1803     5 x 32 pounders.
                                                                    1847     4 x 24 pounders.
          Map Reference        TR 324 415                           1851     5 x 32 pounders on traversing platforms.
          Position             On cliff edge between Dover          1854  8 x 42pounders
                                                                    1870     Recommended
                               Castle and Castle Hill                    2 x 9 inch RML’s and 3 x 7 inch RML’s.
          Type                 Coast Defence Battery                1886     Recommended
                                                                         2 x 9 inch to be mounted on H. A.
          Ditch                None                                      (dismounted awaiting carriages)
          Guns                 5                                    1887     2 x 9 inch RML’s and 3 x 7 inch RMLs
                                                                    1892     2 x 9 inch RML’s and 3 x 7 inch RMLs
          Barrack Accom. None                                       1893     2 x 9 inch RML’s and 3 x 7 inch RML’s.
          Present use          Derelict and overgrown               1895     3 x 9 inch RML’s, 3 x 7 inch RML’s
                                                                         and 1 x 6 inch for Drill Only.
                                                                    1898   Reductions 2 x 9inch RMLs
                                                                    1902   2 x 9inch: reductions 2 x 9inch
          History              Coast Defence Battery                1903     2 x 6 pounder Nordenfelt QF’s on R.C.C.
                                                                    1908   Reductions 2 x 6pr QF
                                                                    1910    No armament
          Disposal             E.H. ownership
          Condition            Very overgrown but fair condition
          Access               None. Can be seen from outside
                               the enclosing fence.
          Sources              Coad & Lewis, The Later Fortifications of Dover;
                               Precis of Correspondence Dover to April 1993

          History and Description

           The battery is mentioned in a report of February 1851, with 5 x 32pdrs but was completely reconstructed 1871-74 for
           RMLs.  In 1870 the Defence Committee recommended that two 9-inch RMLs be mounted at Shoulder of Mutton Battery
           and in 1872 the Committee agreed that three 7-inch 7-ton RMLs should be mounted as well.

           The battery was constructed as a line of five emplacements with the extreme right hand emplacement (east) isolated from
           the rest by a rock outcrop. The left (west) three were for 7inch RML guns mounted on D pivot dwarf carriages. The two
           east emplacements in the line were for  9-inch RMLs on a C pivot dwarf pattern platforms. Behind and adjacent to the
           line of emplacements were the expense cartridge and shell stores some of which were later re-appropriated as a coal and
           oil store, reception magazine, explosive magazine and tool store. On site by 1882 was a laboratory and a proof house.

           In 1886 the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers Works Committee recommended that the two 9-inch RMLs should be
           adapted for high-angle fire, and a table of armaments in 1887 showed high-angle mountings approved. An 1892 table of
           armaments shows the two 9-inch RMLs as being “For long range” but in 1893 the long-range mountings were still
           awaited and a note reads “No provision yet made for works.” The  Works Committee reported in 1893 that a new
           cartridge store was under construction.  By this time the battery was, at best, obsolescent and all the Dover RML batteries
           were rendered obsolete and unnecessary by the BL batteries built at the Citadel and Langdon Cliffs at the turn of the
           century. In 1902 it was proposed to mount  two 6pr QF  guns in emplacements 2 and 3 for defence of the inner harbour.
           By 1903 this was done. There were withdrawn in 1908. A tunnel was constructed to connect the main battery with the
           extreme east gun emplacement.

           When visited in 1996 and again in 2005 the battery was  overgrown and derelict but in quite good condition. The tunnel
           to the number 5 emplacement was sealed but the emplacment can be viewed from the path The battery is outside the
           Castle’s perimeter but behind a fence.

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