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Victorian Forts                              FortLog                             Dover 7

                                           Shotyard Battery

          Commenced            1871                                 Armament
          Completed            1874
          Cost                  £ 1,864                             1886 2 x 10-inch RMLs
          Map Reference        TR 328 417                           1892 Mounted 2 x 10inch RMLs
          Position             Dover Castle                                  Proposed 2 x10inch for Long Range
                                                                    1893 2 x 10inch RMLs

          Type                 Coast Defence Battery                1895 2 x 10inch RMLs
          Ditch                None                                 1898 2 x 10inch RMLs
          Guns                 2                                    1910 No armament
          Barrack Accom. None
          Present use          Derelict

          History              Coast defence battery

          Disposal             English Heritage
          Condition            Fair
          Access               None yet
                               Coad & Lewis, The Later Fortifications of Dover;
          Sources              Precis of Correspondence Dover.

          History and Description

           The battery was built 1871 to 74. In 1886 the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers Works Committee
           recommended that the carriages should be adapted for high-angle fire, but this work had still not
           been carried out in 1893, nor had any provision for it been made although it was then proposed that
           the new long range mounts be used.

           All the Dover RML batteries were rendered obsolete and unnecessary by the BL batteries built at the
           Citadel and Langdon Cliffs at the turn of the century.

           The battery is now in quite good repair. English Heritage have cleared most of the undergrowth and
           the battery can be seen from outside its enclosing fence.

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