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Victorian Forts                              FortLog                             Dover 12

                                           Langdon Battery

          Commenced            1901?                                Armament
          Completed            1904
          Cost                  £                                   1906
          Map Reference        TR319414                             2 x 6-inch BL VII on CP II
          Position             East of Dover Castle on the cliffs   3 x 9.2-inch BL X on Barbette V
                               at Langdon Point
          Type                 Coast Defence
          Ditch                None
          Guns                 5
          Barrack Accom. None
          Present use          Coast Guard lookout Station


          Condition            Little remains
          Access               Can be viewed from car park


          History and Description

           Built as part of the upgrading of the Dover defences Langdon Battery was to cooperate with the
           newly built Citadel battery in the west to protect Dover harbour. These two batteries represented the
           most powerful weapons deployed at Dover in peacetime. Langdon Battery overlooks the Western
           arm of Dover Harbour and the battery was to mount 3 x 10-inch and 2 x 6-inch guns. As built the
           battery contained the two 6-inch BL guns together with three 9.2-inch BL guns and all were in place
           by 1906. One of the 9.2-inch positions was later altered to take another 6-inch gun. The three 6-inch
           guns saw action during WWII.

           A searchlight position was built at the foot of the cliffs to illuminate ships at night.

           The site was derelict for many years before work began to demolish it in the 1970s in order to
           convert the site  to a coastguard station. Difficulties resulted in the new station being built on top of
           the 9.2-inch battery, using parts of the magazines as storage. A tunnel from one of these magazines
           runs out to an observation position in the cliffs and is still accessible from the coastguard station.

           The site is still used by the Coastguard. The 6-inch positions are still largely intact.

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