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Victorian Forts                              FortLog                             Dover 13

                                         South Front Battery

          Commenced            1902                                 Armament
          Cost                  £                                   1902-1909
          Map Reference        TR313402                             3 x 6-inch BL VII on CP.II
          Position             In front of Dover Citadel on         1909
                               Western Heights                      Disarmed. Guns moved to Pier Turret
          Type                 Coast Defence Barbette Battery       Battery and Breakwater Battery.
          Ditch                Dry
          Guns                 3
          Barrack Accom. None
          Present use          Obliterated

          History              Coast Defence

          Disposal             1909
          Condition            Demolished and site cleared.
          Access               Nothing remains on site


          History and Description

           The battery was first armed in 1902 with 3 x 6-inch BL VII guns on CPII mountings. An armament
           return of 1906 shows both guns still in place but the battery does not appear on the 1913 return. One
           source (Pier Turret Battery’s Fort Record Book ) states that one of the guns was moved from South
           Front Battery. It is probable that South Front Battery was disarmed in 1909 when its role was taken
           over by Pier Turret Battery.  The Fort Record Book for Breakwater Battery states that in 1910 it also
           received guns from South Front Battery.

           The site of South Front Battery has now been cleared and no trace of the battery remains, although it
           is possible that portions of the underground magazines are still beneath the site.

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