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Victorian Forts                                             Portsmouth                       19a

                              Stokes Bay Lines Battery No.1

          Commenced            1857                                 Armament
          Completed            1861
          Cost                  £ 75,120 for the Lines              1872 9 x 8-inch S.B.
                                                                    1890 2 x 7-inch R.B.L.
          Map Reference        SZ 58764 98986                       1901  2 x Maxim Machine Guns
          Position             Gosport Stokes Bay                   1904  Disarmed

          Type                 Coast Defence Flanking Battery
          Ditch                wet
          Guns                 9
          Barrack Accom. None
          Present use          Caravan/chalet park

                                                                    Caponiers           None
          History              Coast Defence
                                                                    Counterscarp        None
          Disposal             Half demolished Post 1950
          Condition            Some concrete revetments remain      galleries
          Access               None. Private property.
                                                                    Haxo casemates None
          Sources              Stokes Bay Defences - D.Moore
                                                                    Moncrieff Pits      None

          History and Description

           No.1 Battery was first armed with eight 8-inch Smooth Bore guns firing through embrasures. In 1886
           it was proposed to replace these with two 7-inch 82cwt R.B.L. guns on Dwarf Traversing Platforms
           mounted on A pivot racers.  These were in place by 1891. Ammunition was provided by two expense
           magazines, one a shell store for 153 rounds and the other a cartridge store holding 47 barrels. In 1891
           the cartridge store held 288 cartridges and the shell store 170 shells. A short tunnel and covered way
           connected No.1 Battery to the parade of No.2 Battery via a bridge across the moat.

           The battery was mostly demolished when the Browndown Road  and a roundabout was constructed.
           A portion of the concrete revetment and rampart is still extant inside the chalet park as is the tunnel
           to No.2 Battery. All of the gun positions and magazines have been removed. In 2010 a  set of granite
           blocks that held the gun racers for pone of the gun emplacements were uncovered and were re-sited
           within the park. In 2012 the battery was listed.

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