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Victorian Forts                                                Milford Haven               4a

                               South Hook Fort Practice Battery

               Commenced          1887                                Armament
               Completed          1887
               Cost                  £                                 4 x 64pr RML Practice
               Map Reference      SM 86812 05725
               Position           West of South Hook

               Type               Practice Battery
               Ditch              None
               Guns               4
               Barrack Accom.     None
               Present use        Open access

               History            Practice Battery for volunteers?

               Condition          Good
               Access             Open

               Sources            1858 &1868 Committee Reports,  Precis of
                                  Correspondence prior to 1893 National Archives.

             History and description

              In 1887 it was decided that guns mounted for practice  on  Thorne Island should not be carried out. The Defence Committee
              instead  decided the suggestions of the Officer Commanding Royal Artillery to establish a practice battery near South Hook
              is worthy of consideration on the score of both expediency and expense.

              The battery was built to the west of South Hook. Although it does not appear on armament lists it is safe to assume that it was
              for four 64pr RML guns on C pivot platforms.
              It consist of a line of four concrete emplacements with no parapets or embrasures.
              A shelter/store and a small expense recess was constructed to the rear of the gun  emplacements. The presence of discarded
              friction tubes amongst the grass shows that it was in use during the Victorian period.
              Four position finder cells (now demolished)  for the battery,  were sited behind.

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