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Victorian Forts                                                   Milford Haven                3

                                 Fort Hubberstone  (Battery)

           Commenced          1860                                   Armament
           Completed          1863                                   1870     Mounted 11 x 9-inch RML
           Cost                  £  55,000                           1885  Mounted 3 x 7inch RML Moncrieff
           Map Reference      SM 890 054                             1886
           Position                                                  Casemate Battery   9 x 9-inch RML
                                                                     Moncrieff battery  Nil
                                                                     Open Battery     1 x 10-inch RML
           Type               Coast Defence Battery                                   5 x 9-inch RML
           Ditch              Dry                                    1893   Approved  3 x 10inch RML 5 x 9inch RML
           Guns               28 - 32                                     Mounted 14 x 9inch RML
           Barrack Accom.                                            1898   Mounted 1 x 10-inch RML 8 x 9-inch RML

                                                                          Proposed 3 x 6-inch BL VII
           Present use        Private owner                          1908  1 x 12pr QF
                                                                     Caponiers             1
           History            British Army Camp and US Seabees
                              base                                                         2
           Disposal           Sold 1932                              Counterscarp
           Condition          Poor. Scheduled                                 galleries
           Access             Public access proposed
                                                                     Haxo casemates        none
                              1858 &1868 Committee Reports,  Precis of
           Sources            Correspondence prior to 1893 National Archives.
                              FSG conference papers 1997             Moncrieff Pits        8

        History and description

         Fort Hubberstone was approved by the Royal Commission of 1860 as part of the defences of Milford Haven. It was completed in that year
         as a nine gun installation. Work then began on the casemated battery, this being completed in 1863. as an eleven gun battery with a further
         eight guns on the terreplein and nine more in an open east flank battery. At the top of the site is a defensible barrack, approximately
         semi-circular with a high gorge wall. From the right hand corner of the barrack a sunken way runs around the terreplein down to the
         casemates. The ditch in front of the barrack is protected by caponiers and a counterscarp gallery, the entrance to the work being over a
         In August 1868 plans were approved for the alteration of the work to replace eight of the guns on the terreplein with eight guns in
         Moncrieff pits. Despite the ridiculous application of this type of gun in such a position the work was completed by 1872. The main gun
         casemates were armed with eleven 12-ton RML guns by  1872. By 1881 the open battery was re-armed with 10-inch RML guns and the
         fort was complete. In 1884 the infantry garrison was removed. In 1885 the three remaining Moncrieff guns on the roof were removed as
         armament of salient for works at Portsmouth. In 1886 it was decided The casemated battery should be treated in the same manner as
         recommended for Popton Point, the casemates to remain armed being Nos II, IV, VI, VIII and X. In the open battery 2 x 10inch RML
         should be added and all the 9inch RML removed; the 10inch guns should be mounted for high-angle fire to assist South Hook in the
         protection of Freshwater bay. The magazines and cartridge stores behind the casemates are unsafe. In 1908 its sole armament was one
         12pr. QF gun in a practice battery. It was never upgraded with modern weapons and shortly after World War One it was abandoned.

         It was sold in 1932. In 1939-45 it was used as a communal air-raid shelter, British Army camp and US Seabees base. From then on it
         deteriorated to the sorry state in which it can be found today although the new owners in 1977 sought planning permission to restore it and
         find a new use. The next owners are actively seeking a use for it which was to  include conversion to flats and retail units. In early 2019 it
         was reported that the fort was to be restored for use as ‘Camp Valour’,  C.I.C Veteran Transition Centre. In September 2020 the fort was
         purchased from the Port of Milford Haven by Pembroke Dock town councillor Guy Anderson who plans to open it to the public as a ‘Living

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