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Victorian Forts                                                 Plymouth                     13

                                              Forder Battery

          Commenced            1863 (contractor failed 1866)        Armament
          Completed            by engineers 1869/70                 1875
          Cost                  £ 16,443                            proposed   12 x 7-inch RBL
          Map Reference        SX502582                                        6 x SB guns
          Position             North East Defences, Right Flank     1885
                                                                    mounted    6 x 7-inch RBL
          Type                 Land Front, polygonal                1893       4 x 64pr. RML
          Ditch                Dry                                             1 x 7-inch RBL
          Guns                 16                                              2 x 32pr. SBBL
          Barrack Accom. None                                       required : additional 2 x 32pr. SBBL
          Present use          Heavily overgrown and derelict.
                               One half under housing.              Caponiers           None
                                                                    Counterscarp        1 (reverse caponier)
          Disposal             1900                                 galleries
          Condition            Very poor. Gun positions destroyed
          Access               Difficult due to undergrowth         Haxo casemates None
                               1868 report : Precis of Correspondence relating to
                               the Defences of Plymouth 1893. Historic Defences
          Sources              of Plymouth by A. Pye and F. Woodward  Moncrieff Pits    None

          History and Description

           Forder Battery stands on a spur below Egg Buckland Keep, at a height of  344 feet above sea level. It
           was constructed for an armament  of 16 guns with 5 expense magazines in traverses. Its terreplein
           was completely swept by fire from Egg Buckland. The front of the fort from Bowden to Austin is
           covered by a ditch flanked at its salient by a double caponier (reverse caponier or counterscarp
           gallery) communicating with Forder Battery  and Egg Buckland by a tunnel. Forts Bowden and
           Austin provide flanking fire along each end of the ditch. It needed no barrack accommodation which
           was provided in Egg Buckland Keep.

           The west part of the parade is now under housing, whilst the east half is overgrown and the gun
           positions largely destroyed. All of the expense magazines survive, together with three of the 64pr.
           RML emplacements. The scarp of the ditch to the front of the battery survives but the counterscarp
           has been removed and the ditch filled. The caponier has been built over with a house occupying the
           site, although the lower level and its access tunnel from Egg Buckland remain.

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