Page 14 - Portsdown Defences
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Victorian Forts                                             Portsmouth                       12

                                         Langstone Redoubt

          Commenced            Never                                Armament
          Cost                  £                                   None
          Map Reference        SU 688049
          Position             Farlington Marshes / Eastern
          Type                 Land Front / Four sided trace
          Ditch                Wet
          Guns                  18
          Barrack Accom.
          Present use          A27 runs over site

                                                                    Caponiers           1 full  1 demi
          History              Never Built
                                                                    Counterscarp        none
          Condition                                                 galleries
                                                                    Haxo casemates none
          Sources              Solent Papers No 3  Garry Mitchell
                                                                    Moncrieff Pits      none

          History and Description

           This battery was proposed but not built. It was to have been sited on the Farlington Marshes facing
           east to cover the eastern approaches to Portsmouth and so prevent the whole of the Portsdown Hill
           lines from being outflanked. The fort was to have had a four sided trace with eighteen guns on the
           ramparts and a defensible barrack block in the south west angle. The whole would have had a wet
           ditch. The land was purchased but the fort abandoned due to the costs of the other works. The 1868
           Committee were told that an earthwork would be built instead at time of expected attack.

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