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Fort Burgoyne                                                                                                  Dover Defences

                                                               Laboratory: added 1882
                                                               1. Shifting Lobby
                                                               2. Laboratory
                                                               LLamp recess


         hand basins were fitted but they were taken out during  working uniform consisted of white duck trousers and
         WW2 when that area was converted into a gas           jacket with bone buttons or wooden toggles as fasteners,
         decontamination centre. Pegs for hanging clothes were  magazine galoshes and a white linen cap. No iron
         provided, also a grating for the men to stand on and  fittings or items were allowed to be taken inside a
         benches to sit so that they could wash their feet. Hot  laboratory or magazine. Shells and cartridges would
         water could be obtained, probably at a cost, from the  never be worked upon at the same time. The laboratory
         nearby cookhouse, although by 1900 many forts had a   was under the charge of  the Master Gunner.
         purpose built hot water apparatus installed in the wash
         rooms.                                                The Clock
                                                               Above the canteen central passage at Fort Burgoyne
         Parade.                                               were two small chambers for a clock mechanism and its
         The central parade of the fort bounded by the main    bell. The clock face was set into a circular window
         casemates was originally surfaced with gravel, as were  overlooking the parade. A shaft from the passage led up
         the gun ramps and terreplein. At various points, at the  to the bell chamber. How well the bell could be heard
         tunnel entrances, outside the officers’ quarters and at the  from an enclosed chamber is a puzzle. The clock was
         ends of the gun ramps, were lamp posts for gas lamps.  still  in place when a series of  photographs of the
         None of these have survived.                          Connaught Rangers were taken in the 1920s. The
                                                               chambers are now filled with chalk and the clock is
         Laboratory                                            sadly missing.
         Following the change from powder being stored in
         barrels to the supply of cartridges by an area magazine
         (outside of the fort)  ready made-up, a safe area where
         either cartridges or shells could be emptied, filled or
         inspected without endangering the rest of the fort was
         done in a special chamber known as a Laboratory. One
         was added to Fort Burgoyne in the south west corner of
         the parade in 1879-80. It consisted of a single structure
         divided into two chambers. One was the required
         shifting lobby in which the magazine man changed into
         his magazine working uniform, the other the laboratory
         itself.  An issue hatch from the laboratory allowed the
         cartridges or shells to be handed in to the laboratory and
         back out again without the laboratory man leaving the
         chamber as he was effectively in a clean room. His

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