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Fort Burgoyne                                                                                              Dover Papers No.1

         In 1888 the Officer Commanding Royal Artillery,       In April 1893 the ‘Statement of the guns and mountings
         Southern District reported that the outer 24pr carronades  required at date to complete the approved armament,
         in Right and Left gorge caponiers of Fort Burgoyne in  and for-which no provision has been yet been made, and
         their present position were of no use for flanking or any  of the present state of works in connection therewith’
         other purpose as they bear directly on the brick of the  concluded that Fort Burgoyne required no works.
         bridge of the fort 10 yards in front of them. The only  In 1898 the number of 7-inch R.B.L. guns mounted is
         suitable site that he could suggest for these carronades  listed as five.
         Fort Burgoyne generallyPreview
         was in the right gorge battery. The Royal Artillery and  The armament return for 1900 shows that 6.3-inch
         Royal Engineers Works Committee considered the        Howitzers had been provided instead of 6.6-inch ones.
         report and recommended the carronades referred to     Fort Burgoyne
         should be withdrawn.                                  Mounted                   Reductions
                                                               2 x 6.3-inch R.M.L. Howitzers  2 x 6.3-inch R.M.L.
         The Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers’ Works        5 x 7-inch R.B.L.         5 x 7-inch R.B.L.
         Committee: 1892  reported that:                       6 x machine guns P.C.     7 x 24pr S.B. Carronades
          Four 64-pr. R.M.L. guns are approved for Fort        7 x 24pr S.B. Carronades
                                                               Eastern Wing Battery
          Burgoyne, but they have not been supplied, and the   2 Machine guns
          Committee recommend that two 6∙6-inch howitzers      Western Wing Battery
          should be supplied instead.                          4 x 8-inch 70cwt R.M.L. How.  4 x 8-inch 70cwt R.M.L.

         The armament list states that for Fort Burgoyne upper  The Outworks
         work 6 x 7-inch R.B.L. are mounted (some lists show   Fort Burgoyne is unique in the use of two connected
         7-inch R.M.L. but this is a mistake) with 1 x 4-inch B.L.  outworks, or wing batteries,  to defend areas of ground
         and 2 x 6.6-inch howitzers to be added.               not capable of being covered by the main guns within
         It was further suggested that two machine guns should  the fort.  The Eastern Wing Battery is trapezoidal in plan
         be provided for Fort Burgoyne instead of one. The     and divided into three sections by two traverses.
         General Officer Commanding concurred and in reply the  The Western Wing Battery, approximately rectangular
         Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers Works Committee   in plan has a long slope from its north face (that closest
         agreed to provide a second machine gun.               to the fort) down into its main ditch.  The Eastern Wing
         The Committee noted that the Director of Artillery had  Battery was intended for five guns and had magazine
         substituted 4-inch for the 5-inch B.L. guns proposed for  accommodation for 286 barrels. The capacity of the
         Fort Burgoyne and Western Outworks.                   Western Wing Battery’s magazine was only 254 barrels,
         The latest approved armament for Fort Burgoyne was:   so apparently its armament was intended to be less.
                         Mounted          Approved             Captain C. E. Harvey R.E. had been Acting
         Upper Work      6 x 7-inch (R.B.L.)  1 x 4-inch B.L.  Commanding Royal Engineer at Dover and on October
                                          2 x 6.6-inch How.    5th, 1868 he was ‘examined’ by ‘The 1869 Committee’.
         Right Gorge     1 x 24 pr.       Nil                  Of the Eastern Wing Battery, Harvey was asked whether
         Right Gorge
           Caponier      1 x 24 pr.       1 x 24 pr.           it had been decided:
         Right Caponier                                         “How the work is to be completed towards the Castle
           Lower Tier    2 x 24 prs       1 x 24 pr.            front ?.”
         Left Caponier                                          He replied :
           Lower Tier    2 x 24 prs       1 x 24 pr.            “The details of this have been recently decided on.”
         Centre Caponier                                        “How will it be finished ?”
           Lower Tier    4 x 24 prs       2 x 24 pr.            “The counterscarp will be cut away so that the ditch
         Left Flank Caponier                                    will be seen into from the Castle rampart.”
           Lower Tier    2 x 24 prs       1 x 24 pr.            “Then a caponnière will not be built?”
         Left Gorge Caponier                                    “There is to be no caponnière.”
           Lower Tier    1 x 24 prs       1 x 24 pr.
                                          6 Machine Guns      The Western Wing Battery did have a caponier to protect
         Western Wing Battery             2 machine guns      the section of its ditch farthest from the fort, but it was
         Eastern Wing Battery             1 machine gun       presumably considered that the proximity of the Castle
         (all 24 prs are carronades)                          (only 300m away) was sufficient protection to render a

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