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Fort Burgoyne                                                                                                  Dover Defences

         Sources                                               Other References used
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         Plans                Preview
         National Archives
         WORK 43/459 to 471 Castle Hill Fort 1864
         WORK 43/466 Castle Hill Fort 1865
         WORK 43/1599 Fort Burgoyne 1933
         WO78 4749 Fort Burgoyne Casemated Barracks 1878
         WO78 2426/15 Fort Burgoyne Ground Plan 1897

                                                               (Clive Holden)

                                                               Left: 24pr
                                                               (Royal Armouries
                                                               collection at Fort

                                                               Right: Burgoyne
                                                               (Clive Holden)

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