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Fort Gilkicker                                                                                  Solent Papers No.5


                                             Carriage, Garrison. R.M.L. 9-inch. Casemate or Dwarf
                                      Slide L.R.M.L. 9 inch Casemate  fitted with side traversing gear
           The 9-inch 12 ton R.M.L. was 156 inches long, had a bore of 125 inches and a diameter of 39 inches. It was
           rifled with  six grooves. It fired a 256 pound Palliser shell at 1,440 ft/sec, using a 50 pound charge. Five marks
           of 9-inch 12 ton gun were introduced from 1865 to 1872.

           best method of constructing metal shields to protect  shield. These are still present in the casemates at
           gun casemates. Gilkicker was constructed with      Gilkicker. More experiments resulted in better
           openings left in the granite walls for the proposed  shields and by the time Gilkicker was complete it
           iron shields, when funds were available for        had been decided that granite was not strong enough
           constructing them. They were to be of the earliest  for protecting coast defence batteries and where
           experimental pattern known as the Gibraltar Shield.  possible works wholly plated with iron were
           This required baulks of timber embedded into the   preferred. In 1882 the design of shields for Gilkicker
           floor and piers of the casemate at the rear of each  had been decided and they were then in the process

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