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Fort Gilkicker                                                                                  Solent Papers No.5

                 Shell Store
                                                                                 For A/1
                                              Cartridge                  Issue Hatch
                                              Lift                   L.R.
                             Stair No.2                                       Stair No.2

                                        Shell Store
                                       No.2                                             No.2
                                                                                        Shell Store
                                                    Light                      Winch
                                                                                Lift A/1
                               Shell Lift
                     Bin                                        L.R. Lamp Recess


                                 Modification of the fort for the 9.2-inch ammunition stores

                                                              cartridge store on the same ammunition lift, but not
           9.2-inch B.L.      Preview
           The 9.2-inch B.L. was introduced to compete with   at the same time as the shells for safety reasons.
           the Krupp 24cm (9.45-inch). Various marks were     Cartridges were stored in cartridge recesses, also
           introduced, first for the Navy but then adopted for  built into the concrete apron of the emplacement,
           Coast defence. In 1899 the gun was redesigned to   either side of the gun mounting. Each cartridge was
           improve its rate of fire and the mark 10 came into  carried by hand to the breech end of the gun where it
           being. Placed on a high pedestal to fire over a    was inserted into the breech by hand. The hoists for
           parapet of 6ft. 6in, it was surrounded by a circular  the shells were operated by a hydraulic accumulator
           platform, or shell pit shield, at parapet level.   fitted into a pit to the rear of the emplacement. This
                                                              stored the energy from the force of the gun recoiling
           Ammunition Supply                                  but could also be pumped up by hand by members of
           At Gilkicker the ammunition came up from the shell  the gun crew. A trench containing the hydraulic
           and cartridge stores below on a table lift which   pipes ran from the accumulator, underneath the gun
           issued directly onto the floor of the emplacement  mounting to the front hydraulic lift. A deep pit was
           from a recess in the concrete apron. From here the  required to take the ram when the lift was in the
           shells were barrowed around to be stored on end in a  lowered position.
           recess beneath the parapet. A hydraulic ram lifted
           each shell up to one of six trolleys hung beneath the  The Mark X 9.2-inch B.L. fired a 380lb armour
           platform on a track. The trolley was traversed around  piercing shell with a 120lb cordite charge. It had a
           the track to another hoist at the breech of the gun  maximum range of 29,000 yards. The Mark 5
           which revolved with the mounting. Here the shell   mounting weighed 129 tons with shield.
           was pushed through a trap in the shield onto a
           loading tray and was then hand rammed into the
           breech. The cartridges also came up from the

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