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Hilsea Lines and Portsbridge                                                                       Solent Papers No.4

          The Railway bridge of 1909, showing one span in
          the open position                                           Signal Box


          Portsmouth direction


         The ‘Coach and Horses’ and War Office land.
        In 1858, as part of the reconstruction of the Hilsea Lines,  “The Coach and Horses, a tale of Highway Robbery”
        the War Office acquired almost all the northern end of  Asquith, Highwayman “Stand and deliver”
        Portsea Island and most of the land to the south of the  Coachowner “But I've just paid your pal Haldane for
        Cosham - Farlington railway line. Part of this land    this lot”
        included the freehold of the  ‘Coach and Horses’ public  Highwayman “Clever Haldane, he knew I was coming
        house at what is now the junction of Copnor Road and   along, you may keep the coach but hand
        London Road. In 1907, it was decided to sell off parcels  over the horses” AD 1907
        of land not required for defence purposes and the lessee  Asquith - Chancellor of the Exchequer,
        of the public house, Sir William Dupree, was asked to  Haldane - Secretary for War
        pay £10,000 for the freehold, an enormous sum and not
        surprisingly caused him a good deal of annoyance to the  The public house was rebuilt in 1932 and the painting
        extent that he commissioned a painting to be exhibited  was reproduced in tiles and can still be seen.
        outside, showing a stage coach being held up by a
        highwayman and the caption :-

                                                                Centre Bastion Left  Flank casemates

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