Page 34 - Spitbank and the Spithead Forts
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Spit Bank and the Spithead Forts                                                                Solent Papers No.1

                                                                                  No Man’s Land Fort
                                                                                  Lower Gun Floor in 1895

                                                                                       A.1  Officer’s Quarters No.1
                                                                                       A.2  Officer’s quarters No.2
                                                                                       B    W  .  C  .
                                                                                       C    Pantry
                                                                                       D    Mess kitchen
                                                                                       E    Mess Room
                                                                                       F    R.E.Store
                                                                                       G    R.A.Store
                                                                                            No.3 Spare Store
                                                                                       H    R.E.Office
                                                                                       I    Staff Sergeant’s Quarters
                                                                                            & Telephone Office
                                                                                       J    Canteen
                                                                                       K    Artillery Store
                                                                                            No.2 Group Store
                                                                                       L    Ladder to Shell Passage
                                                                                       M    R.A. Workshop
                                                                                       N    Q.F. Ammunition Store No.2
                                                                                       O    Artillery Store No.2
                                                                                       P    R.E.Workshop
                                                                                       Q    Bedding Store
                                                                                       R    Artillery Store No.1
                                                                                       S    Latrines
                                                                                       T    Urinal and Latrines
                                                                                       cs   Coal Shoot
                                                                                       cb   Cover to Coal Bunker
                                                                                       1    Movable Shield on rails
                                                                                       1a   Proposed position for Shield

         Armament                                              A.L.5 For 12-inch B.L. guns
         G1 to G8, G10, G12, G14, G16   Q.F. 6pdr 8cwt         A.L.7 For 12.5-inch R.M.L. guns
         G9, G11, G13, G15 12-inch B.L. 47 tons                A.L.8 For 12.5-inch R.M.L. guns
         G16 to G24 12.5-inch R.M.L. 38 tons
                                                               E.L.1 Electric Light Switches for circuits A & B
         Cartridge Lifts                                       E.L.2 Electric Light Switches for circuits C & D
         C.L.1 For all 10-inch R.M.L. 18 ton Guns              c.l.   Control Levers for 12-inch B.L. gun
         C.L.2 For 12-inch B.L. No 9 & 11
         C.L.3 For 12-inch B.L. No 13 & 15
         C.L.4 For 12.5-inch R.M.L. 17,18,19 & 20
         C.L.5 For 12.5-inch R.M.L. 21,22,23 & 24

         Shell Lifts
         G.L.  General Lift
         S.L.1 Hydraulic Lift for Q.F.Guns
         S.L.2 For 12-inch B.L. 47 Ton guns
         S.L.3 For 12-inch B.L. 47 Ton guns
         S.L.4 12.5-inch R.M.L. No 17, 18,19 & 20 Lower Tier
         S.L.5 12.5-inch R.M.L. No 21, 22, 23 & 24 Lower Tier

         A.L.  Auxiliary Lifts
         A.L.4  For 12-inch B.L. guns
                                                                Horse Sand Fort: Movable Shield on rails

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