Page 42 - Spitbank and the Spithead Forts
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Spit Bank and the Spithead Forts                                                                Solent Papers No.1

          A Stairs to Roof                                                             St Helen's Fort
          B General lift                                                               Gun Floor Plan 1879
          C Shell Lift no.1
          D Cartridge Lift no.1
          E Shell Lift no.3
          F Cartridge Lift no.3
          G Shell Recess
          H Shell Lift no.2
          I  Cartridge Lift no.2
          J  D  a  v  i  t
          K Turntable Winch
          L Shell Hatch

          Gun No.1 & 3
          10-inch R.M.L. 18-tons
          Gun No.2
          12.5-inch R.M.L. 38-tons

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