Lighting the Forts

Military Lamps used in the Victorian Forts

Special Military lamps in use during the Victorian period to light the forts were mainly those for lighting magazines and associated rooms.


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Aldershot pattern lamp Barrack hanging lamp Bermuda Pattern Lamp Bullseye lamp

Aldershot Pattern Exterior lamp

Aldershot Pattern Interior Lamp

Bermuda Pattern lamp

Magazine Hand Lamp

(Bulls Eye)

Partition Lamp Signalling Lamp Signalling Lamp Tremletts Naval Pattern Fighting lamp

Both Ways (Partition) Lamp

Signalling Lamp

Signalling Lamp

Tremletts Lamp (Replica)

Fighting Lamp Fighting Lamp Wall Lamp Wall Lamp

Fighting Lantern Pattern II

Fighting Lantern Pattern II

Wall (Partition) Lamp

Wall (Passage) Lamp

Fighting Lamp      

Overhead Lamp



Lamps for lighting barrack rooms and passages consisted of standard wall lamps, overhead Aldershot pattern lamps and various common domestic lamps.

The National Army Museum has a collection of Military lamps, including a Hand Magazine Lamp, Both Ways Lamp, Magazine Wall Lamp and a Bermuda Lamp. Details and photogrpahs can be seen here|:

National Army Museum: Magazine Lamps

They have recently (2020) added a Fighting Lamp to their collection and hope to add a photograph and details of this to their website.