9. Barrack Block

Fort Nelson was constructed to accommodate a third War Garrison during peace time in its barrack block. This consisted of a series of casemated barrack rooms along the ground floor of a brick building across the gorge of the fort. Nine rooms could each accommodate up to twenty men with two smaller side rooms for corporals. Each soldier was equipped with a telescopic bed which was folded away during the day time to allow tables and benches to be set up along the centre of the barrack room. The soldiers used their barrack room to eat in and for recreational activities. Above each bed was an acoutrement rack to hold the soldiers kit and equipment. Beside each bed was a rack for a rifle.

Barrack block


Fort Nelson, The barrack block viewed from the redan courtyard.


Barrack Room


A reproduction of a Victorian barrack room which can be seen in the redan at Fort Nelson.


Barrack block Barrack blockBarrack block
Fort Nelson, The barrack block looking west.
Fort Nelson, The barrack block looking east.