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Link to the Fort Gilkicker website


A pictorial tour of Fort Nelson

Maps and Plans

Maps and Plans of Fortifications


A glossary of fortification terms

Garrison Artillery

Details of the Royal Garrison Artillery


The Royal Wiltshire Regiment and the Forts

List of Fortifications

List of Victorian fortifications in the U.K.


List of data sheets on U.K. Forts


Fequently Asked Questions about the forts


Military lamps used in the forts

Crownhill Fort

Details of Crownhill fort Plymouth


Details of Rinella Battery in Malta

Fortification Gallery

Photographs of Forts

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Videos about Fortifications on YouTube


Details of Guthrie lifting bridges

Brennan Torpedo

Explanation of the R.A. Brennan Torpedo


The London Mobilisation Centres

Victorian Navy

Ships of the Victorian Navy


Artillery Menu page

Artillery drawings

Drawings of Victorian artillery pieces

List of Guns

Guns used during the Victorian period


Platforms used to mount guns in the Victorian period

Identifying emplacements

How to identify which gun was mounted in an emplacement

Emplacement Photographs

Photographs of Victorian gun emplacements

Artillery Gallery

Photographs of Victorian Artillery


Drawings of Victorian cartridges


Drawings of Victorian shells


A history of the development of Armstrong's guns

Gas checks

Details of gas checks used on shells

Moncrieff Mountings

Moncrief's Counterweight Disappearing mountings

Hydropneumatic Mountings

The B.L. H.P. Disappearing mountings

High Angle Mountings

The 9-inch and 10-inch R.M.L. High Angle mountings

Artillery Model Gallery

Models of Victorian Artillery

Coast Defence Gallery Ireland

Irish Coast Defences by Dag Schmidtke

Wagons and Carts

Wagons and carts used by the R.A. and R.E.

9.2-inch B.L. gun

Disposition and details of the various mounts and batteries

Coast Defence Batteries

Details of the nature and purpose of Coast defence batteries

Railway Proof Sleigh No.10

Description of the Proof Sleigh constructed in 1886 for use at Shoeburyness

Shot Bearer

Details of the RBL Shot Bearer

Muzzle Derrick

The muzzle derrick for loading projectiles

Side Arms

Details of side arms required for RML artillery

Ammuntion and Powder Boxes

Drawings of Victorian (and later) ammuntion and powder boxes

Pneumatic Dynamite Gun

The Dale Fort trials installation

8-inch H.P. at Auckland

An 8-inch B.L.H.P. gun surviving at North Head, Auckland N.Z.



Fort Data Sheets

Datasheets on Fortifications

List of Forts

List of Victorian Fortification

Book list

List of books for researching victorian forts and Artillery


Links to Victorian fortification and artillery websites

Ancient Monuments

Forts that are Scheduled and/or Listed

Maps and Plans

Maps and plans of Victorian Fortification




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