Woldinham Mobilisation Centre : Alec Beanse


Isometric drawing of Woldingham Mobilisation Centre by Roger Gill Isometric drawing of Woldingham Mobilisation Centre by Roger Gill Plan of Woldingahm Mobilisation Centre by Alec Beanse Section through cartridge store at Waldingham Mobilisation Centre taken form WO78 2727

Isometric drawing of Woldingham

Isometric drawing of Woldingham

Plan of Woldingham

Section through Cartridge Store


Aerial view of Woldingham on Google Maps


Woldingham LMC is approached along a track on the west side of the magazine compound. Along the track you first come to the Tool Store which has been converted to a chalet bungalow.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre tool store

Beyond the Tool Store you come to the Caretakers' Cottages which are both still occupied.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre caretakers' cottages

The track then turns to enter through the side of the magazine compound by the original gates.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre gates

The compound is surrounded by a earth bank

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre earth bank

and the bank, in turn is surrounded by a steel fence

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre steel fence

which had strands of barbed wire strung between the posts, the loops for which are still visible.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre barbed wire loops

Inside the compound you first come to the Shell Store, set slightly below ground level. This is used as a garage and store buy the present owners. You can see where the retaining wall has been cut through and double doors inserted to allow a car to enter.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre shell store

Inside it is divided in to two bays by a brick wall which has also had an opening cut through it in line with the inserted double doors.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre interior of shell store

The roof of the Shell Store still has the Lightning Conductors on the roof.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre roof of the shell store: lightning conductor

Beyond the Shell Store is the Cartridge Store, which is deeper set in to the ground, and this has a house built on top of it. Inside it is divided in the same way to the Shell Store by a brick wall. The store is used as a basement for the house and a hole has been cut through the roof to allow a stair to be inserted.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre cartridge store

Because of the depth the Cartridge Store is set into the ground a Davit is provided to facilitate movement of the boxes containing the cartridges. This has been re-used as a bracket for an ornamental lamp. Beyond the Davit are two doors in a small extension, one for the Lamp Room and the other for the Fuse & Tube Store.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre cartridge store

The doors appear to be original and fitted with the original locks.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre door lock

Both Stores are surrounded by Lighting Passages to allow lamps to be placed in the lamp recesses and ventilation adjusted. The lamp recess and wooden ventilation shutter can just be made out on the left hand wall.

Woldingham Mobilisation Centre Lighting passage



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